Copper Cuffs

Copper Cuffs

Copper releases ions upon contact with water. As moisture or water makes it's way in contact with the Copper Cuff, Copper ions dissolve and become released from the product. These Copper ions are toxic to mold, fungi and many other harmful microbes. Over time, these ions build up on all surfaces adjacent to and below the Copper Cuff. Water that drips through the Copper Cuff carries ions with it to the lower surfaces of the leg and hoof. These ions gradually build up, further increasing the antimicrobial benefits on the animal.

Key Benefits

  • Using Copper helps protect against 99% of disease causing bacteria and fungus.
  • The benefit of Copper Cuffs, is when performing routine cleaning, Copper Ions are being released which will run down and kill bacteria and fungus wherever it touches.

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